visiting Astoria

Planning a trip to Astoria? Do! We love this town!

Where to stay

The most amazing place

Great location right under the bridge

Another great but totally different location on the other end of town.  Sea lions,

Fun, Funky, Hip and right down town. You may be sharing a bathroom

A mid-range family friendly chain right on the riverwalk with an indoor pool

And many many more.  Hotels book up completely in the summer so plan ahead


What to do while you're here-

This is a great blog post with some highlights from town

and another

and another


Great places to eat

Bridgewater Bistro

Buoy Beer

Fort George

Bow Picker Fish and Chips

Baked Alaska

Astoria Coffee House & Bistro

T. Paul's Supper Club and T. Paul's Urban Cafe

Coffee Girl- great coffee house in an old cannery right on the river