Visiting Astoria Oregon

Planning a trip to Astoria? Do!

We love this town!

What to do while you're here-

Here are a couple of great blog posts with some highlights of stuff to do while you are in town.

Astoria Oregon

Where to stay 

The Cannery Pier Hotel is one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed, even as a local.  It is out in the river built on an old cannery location and you are really close to the shipping channel and the bridge so the experience of being on the river is unbeatable. You can see it off to the left in this pic from the Bridgewater Bistro.

The Holiday Inn Express has a great location right under the bridge with a beautiful grassy area out back right on the river walk and out only little sandy beach.

The Hampton Inn is another great but totally different location on the other end of town. Near the sea lions, the Kindergarten Cop school, the Goonies house, and Pier 39 with the cannery museum, the Rogue Brewery Public House, and Coffee Girl

The Commodore Astoria is fun, funky, hip and right down town. It's within walking distance to everything and adjacent to Street 14 Coffee.  You may be sharing a bathroom.

The Comfort Suite Astoria is a mid-range family friendly chain right on the riverwalk near the sea lions at the East End Mooring Basin and Safeway with an indoor pool.

And many many more. Hotels book up completely in the summer so plan ahead

Great Places to Eat

Bridgewater Bistro Our favorite date night location.  Amazing food and a view that is simply unbeatable as you can see in the picture further up from our last night out.

Buoy Beer Astoria is becoming quite the destination for craft beer lovers.  Buoy Beer has won multiple awards and their restaurant in town has a great atmosphere, an amazing view, and a piece of glass in the floor with a resting platform that is almost always being enjoyed by several large sea lions.

Fort George Possibly the place that started the craft beer craze in Astoria and has slowly grown to fill an entire city block.  They fill several historic buildings and host too many community functions through the year to count.

Bow Picker Fish and Chips

Baked Alaska

Astoria Coffee House & Bistro 

T. Paul's Supper Club and T. Paul's Urban Cafe

Coffee Girl- Great coffee house in an old cannery right on the river.  Start your morning in town in a place that is undeniably Astoria & where it came from.